Thursday, April 8, 2010


Welcome to our family's new blog! Our other family blog became deactivated because I was a SLACKER and I don't know where or how to find it, so we begin anew....

Here's what our family is up to these days:

TYLER: Ty is working full-time at Triumph Youth Services and will tell you that it is the most fulfilling job he has ever had. He works directly with court-ordered young men and mentors them. He has enjoyed seeing the boys change bad, self-destructive habits into better, more productive solutions that will help them throughout life. He is now teaching a CAD course in conjunction with Bridgerland Applied Technology College for some of the Triumph youth. He enjoys this opportunity and is honored to help them find a technical skill that they can use in the future. Tyler enjoys working on refinishing our basement in his spare time. He also plays basketball whenever he gets the chance. He is currently the Sunday School President in our ward.

KRISTEN: I am now working at Farmers Insurance as a customer service representative and am studying to become a licensed producer. I am also planning to head back to school soon to finish up my English Teaching degree. On my days off, I spend every possible second with my four beautiful children and try to keep the house somewhat clean. I am currently the Second Counselor in the Young Women's organization, which I LOVE! Those girls lift me up and make my heart glad. It is so encouraging to see the promise in their eyes!

KELSEY: Our "Kelsey Baby" will be eight on the 15th of April and is planning her baptism. I cannot believe how grown up she is getting. She can read independently now and is doing much better in school. She has such a kind heart and strives to make everyone happy and feel included. Kelsey is TALL and SLENDER. She is growing into quite the beautiful young lady! She has abundant energy and has learned to rise above bullies and invite them to be friends instead. Our little basketball star played her first year of Jr. Jazz and did a great job. She loves to play horse with her uncles and daddy and is looking forward to playing basketball again next season. We are so proud of our sweetie!

KATIE: Katie Lady is now a bubbly, happy six and half year old! She has a smile that lights up the whole room and makes friends with ease. Her laughter is contagious. It is almost impossible to be in a bad mood when we're with Katie. She loves Fancy Nancy and is often seen with a purse over her shoulder, especially her frilly Fancy Nancy purse from "Brown Grandma." Katie loves to sing and is practicing to perform "I Am a Child of God" all by herself for Kelsey's baptism. Katie is in all-day kindergarten and always comes home, eager to tell Mommy and Daddy about all the wonderful things she learned and show us her latest art project.

MATTHEW: Matthew is a sweet, special little boy. He is so well-behaved and calm the majority of the time, though those who know him best will agree. . . he definitely has a stubborn streak! He loves to go to Mrs. Heather's preschool and is able to recognize and trace his name. He can also sing the ABC song all by himself and can count to ten. He also loves to go to speech each week at Foothill. Being at Foothill makes him feel like a big kid and he loves to walk past his sisters' classrooms and check on them! Matthew loves his little collection of stuffed doggies. His favorite is a chihuahua. He also loves to hold hands and sit on Mommy's lap, which makes Mommy's life so sweet!

MACEY: Our little "Mesita Bonita" is growing so fast! She was a late walker (16 1/2 months), but now is running and climbing. She is quite the mischevious miss and we are constantly pullinng her away from the toilet and fishing small objects out of her mouth. (And we thought our home was baby-proofed!!!) Macey has a big smile and an even bigger personality! She fills our home with sunshine and gladness. She is not a cuddler, but loves to be held and carried and will give hugs and kisses upon request. She is a finicky eater unless we're having. . . PIZZA! She can eat as much pizza in one sitting as any grown up! She is a wonderful sleeper and still takes a nice three-hour nap each day.

We are so blessed. We have had a lot of trials in the last year, but our faith has kept us strong and our love has kept us together. We choose to praise the Lord during the good times and praise and trust him in the hard times. We are so grateful for our countless blessings and expect that as we remain true, He will continnue to guide our little lives!

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